5 Website Designs That Blew Us Away

Lately, we’ve been pondering some of the better web designs that have popped up over the past year.

When we say “web design,” we’re looking beyond the pretty face of a well-laid-out page, beyond color and typography, beyond trends. What we’re after is a truly elegant and functional design, and those things are just the icing on the cake. We specifically looked for sites that stretch the boundaries of our technologies’ capabilities in interesting, useful and beautiful ways.

As greater bandwidth, new file formats and new markup specs make it easier, cheaper and faster to deliver high-quality digital images, sound and video, groundbreaking web designers are making visually and aurally intensive sites that change our point-and-click expectations of what the web should look like.

Here are a few of the websites we think showcased excellent design work this year, both in terms of form and function. They range from video and music showcases, to media troves, to high-volume social media apps, but they all have one thing in common: a (in some cases, renewed) focus on digital multimedia content.

1. Best Social Media App Design: The New Twitter

2. Best Media Website Design: Vogue.com

3. Best HTML5 Website Design: TheWildernessDowntown

4. Best Music Website Design: Thesixtyone.com

5. Best Design Shop Website Design: Wonderwall


Why Is Magento So Cool?

Magento is by far one of the coolest, fully-featured, robust, free shopping cart utilities on the planet. With it’s easy to install and rich front-end and back-end features, Magento beats the living hell out of the current, run of the mill shopping cart solutions. Some of these inferior shopping carts I’m referring to include, but are not limited to cre-loaded (impressive home page, but trust me, their home page was created by a professional, their software does not echo the professionalism they front.), Zen Cart (bad templates, bad functionality), and plain old oscommerce.

Don’t get me wrong, the above solutions were excellent choices for the last generation of web entrepreneurs. And lets face it, Magento probably would not exist had it not been for the above solution providers setting the standard. In short, that standard has been blown out of the water and Magento has raised the bar significantly. Those solutions had their spot in the limelight, they also had ample time to improve their code and offer better options to their customers, but they failed to improve and innovate. Now it’s Magento’s turn to take center stage. Time for the other providers to see Magento’s bet, or jump off the nearest cliff.

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Are You Making Money With Your Internet Business?

Want a business that rakes in the money? Then you have to destroy the obstacles standing in your way. Achieving the kind of success you deserve is all about removing the roadblocks between you and the money that should be in your bank account. And it’s a lot easier than you think.

First, you have to focus on your desired outcome. If you’re not clear about what you want, then you’re never going to get it. When you have a clearly defined outcome, you can know without a doubt what knowledge and activities are needed to move you closer to achieving that outcome. Only then can you establish the priorities that will enable you to get there.

Not having a clear picture of what needs to be done will only leave you frustrated and confused. You’ll be taking way too much information that’s not relevant to what you want to accomplish. And this won’t help your business bring you and the money together.

See, you can’t do everything yourself. You must be able to pass control to others, not be a control freak. Be willing to give up time consuming tasks that don’t require you to do them. Once you can do this, your business will move forward. Being a perfectionist will not bring you success. The sooner you realize that you are limiting the growth of your business, the faster the money flow will start filling your bank account.

You are holding yourself and your business back by doing everything yourself. It’s going to take much more time to achieve success and to become wealthy. The smartest minds in business know the power of a good team. A team they can direct to do anything that needs to be done.

Heeding this advice will make all the difference when you’re trying to build a successful business. Giving up control and building a production staff is the right kind of strategic thinking needed to rise to the top. Thinking like an opportunist and being a one-man-show will limit your potential like you can’t imagine. And it will work against bringing you and the money together.

eWave Magento Webdesign

Magento Commerce

21 Most Inspirational Magento Based E-Commerce Store

Magento is a open-source e-commerce platform based on the foundation of robust web techniques. Magento handles every aspect of any online store so there’s no need to build a custom build application from scratch. Its Powerful and user-friendly adminstration features tha help customers make sound decisions about their company’s future. Today, we are present most insprational Magento basede-commerce store. 

Online E-Commerce Stores


magento online e-commerce store


mash n gravy


Unformal Wear


Von Dutch





Candy Direct



Deborah Cavenaugh

Shop Curious






Why Magento?

In addition to a solid architecture and framework, there are several unique reasons why Magento makes a great choice for an eCommerce solution.

  • One of the most amazing features about Magento is that you can design and develop multiple web sites and they store and share one administrative interface. This extremely flexible feature allows you to modify and control multiple web sites. All of your products inventory and pricing can be controlled from one central location. There is no longer a need to login to multiple locations to handle multiple web sites. Magento has the ability to control them all.
  •  Magento supports over sixty languages, multiple currencies, and tax rates. This gives you the ability to easily expand in the global market.
  •  Layered navigation gives users customized browsing options when viewing products by categories. You can now sort products by price, size, color, and other customizable attributes.
  • •    Magento also has built-in web services. This flexibility allows external applications to access magento’s data without changing the underlying core code. Currently, SOAP and XML-RPC protocols are available out of the box.
  •    Magento has Search Engine Optimization (SEO) built in from the start. It has the ability to handle friendly URL rewrites which make it easy for search engines to index your store and products.
  •   Not only does Magento offer real-time carrier rates and quotes, users can ship products from one order to multiple shipping address. This makes gift shopping especially easy.
  •   Magento also has several reporting features built in. These allows for easy view of sales reports, best-selling products, and customer reporting. They can even be exported in a CSV format to integrate with excel and other database programs.
  •    Magento has designed its file structure to three major sections: core, functionality, and design. This allows for easy updating of images and CSS styling without affecting the functionality of the site. Store functionality can also be easily customized without affecting the Magento’s core. As a result, you can modify Magento without having to worry about upgrading to newer versions in the future.
  •  Magento has a huge community backing. In addition to a public forum and bug tracking, Magento also has its own public repository of extensions called Magento Connect. These extensions can be found at http://www.magentocommerce.com/ magento-connect. Magento Connect features both free and commercial extensions to enhance the functionality of your web site.
  •   Since Magento is released under the Open Software License (OSL), the Magento Community Edition is available at no cost. In turn, this allows web site developers and eCommerce web site owners to cut down on software costs.

ref(The Definitive Guide to Magento)

Beautiful E-Commerce Websites

One would expect a great design from top-class brand Converse. Our expectations are met. Despite being entirely Flash-based, Converse’s online store is quick to load and easy to navigate. We see no heavy graphics or fancy Flash transitions here. Converse’s brand is communicated well by means of simple effects, including concrete and jeans textures, hand-drawn product selection frames and grungy graphics. The buying process is similar to the famous sneakers themselves: comfortable and painless.

Converse in 35 Beautiful E-Commerce Websites

Free High-Quality Magento Theme

Magento theme for free!

The theme is released under GPL. You can use it for all your projects for free and without any restrictions. Please link to this article if you would like to spread the word. You may modify the theme as you wish.

Magento-free-theme in Free High-Quality Magento Theme: Sigyn SM

Magento eCommerce


Magento is the eCommerce platform that has everyone talking.

Imagine a platform that finally gives you full control with maximum flexibility. A platform that allows you to reach more people, packed with features that persuade more visitors to convert into paying customers. Exceed helps you harness the power of Magento, putting you in the driver’s seat for full control over your online success.